Naturus updated to 1.16

The first in the line of Prime Archive being updated to the newest Minecraft version, both Naturus Classic and Naturus II are now compatible with 1.16! It was essential that Naturus was the first to be updated, as it was my first successful texture pack, way back in 2015.

Naturus II, being one of my more recent projects, was quite simple to update and should be nearly identical feature-wise to it’s previous versions.

This version of Naturus Classic however has undergone some minor changes. For example some textures have been updated in order to fit in better with Jappa’s textures, and a more subtle replacement is used to replace the much too loud bird ambience found in the original. Additionally, the grass block models have been rolled back to an older version, replicating the original release’s feel more accurately. Overall, the 1.16 version of Naturus Classic remains very faithful to it’s roots.

These are just the first of my old projects to be updated to Minecraft 1.16, with Prime’s Item Placement next in the pipeline.

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