Prime’s HD Textures Release

After over a year of work my newest project – Prime’s HD Textures (PHD) – has finally been released for Minecraft version 1.16.

This pack consists of clean, vectored textures for Minecraft (currently available at the 128×128 resolution, with x256 and x512 available for supporters), and aims to stick as closely to the vanilla style and pallet as possible, with a few exceptions for the sake of quality.

Currently the pack covers most common blocks in the game, such as grass, dirt, stone, and all flower types, as well as most tools and in-game UI.

The Prime’s HD experience will also come with a focus on customizability through texture Add-on packs. Currently, a foliage add-on is available which increases the quality of most plant models in the game.

The pack will be hopefully be updated regularly, expanding the available textures, resolutions, supported Minecraft versions and Add-on packs.

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