Beta 0.2.1 and Environment+

If you are a member of the Discord Server, yo will have noticed the Foliage Add-on for Prime’s HD Textures has recently expanded in scope a little past the point of simply being an upgrade to plant models. Because of this, it has undergone a name change, the Foliage Add-on is now…

Beta 0.2.1 of Prime’s HD Textures brings support for this new add-on (you will need to upgrade your version of Prime’s HD Textures to 0.2.1 to get Environment+ to work properly).

Check out Environment+ here!


Prime’s HD Textures 0.2.1:

  • Support for Environment+

Environment+ 0.2.1:

  • Name change from “Foliage Add-on”
  • Mushrooms now have 3D Models
  • Cat tails spawn in swamps and rivers
  • Semi-seasonal Forest custom biome
  • Seasonal Forest custom biome
  • Cherry Blossom Forest custom biome
  • Charred Taiga custom biome (includes snowy variant)
  • High Taiga custom biome (includes snowy variant)
  • High Mega Taiga custom biome

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