Beta 0.4

View screenshots of the new textures here How do I get access to the beta? In order to download the pack you must either be a Prime Mods Patron, or Discord server booster. Changelog: Additions Campfire smoke particles Bubble particle Angry villager particle Damage particle Water/lava drip particles Swirly effect particle Flame particle Generic particlesContinue reading “Beta 0.4”

Prime’s HD Textures update 0.2 early access available to patrons

The first update to Prime’s HD Textures is now available for early access to all Prime Mods patrons! (The update will come free to everyone at a later date) The download can be found on the Patreon page. Additions: Netherite tools Crafting Table Furnace Chests and trapped chests All bed colors Torches Bookshelves Paths CobblestoneContinue reading “Prime’s HD Textures update 0.2 early access available to patrons”

Prime’s HD Textures Release

After over a year of work my newest project – Prime’s HD Textures (PHD) – has finally been released for Minecraft version 1.16. This pack consists of clean, vectored textures for Minecraft (currently available at the 128×128 resolution, with x256 and x512 available for supporters), and aims to stick as closely to the vanilla styleContinue reading “Prime’s HD Textures Release”

Brand New Website!

Beginning first in 2015 with the Naturus resource pack, I’ve always enjoyed creating content for Minecraft in my free time. In 2018, the first Prime website was created at, centralizing all my downloads into one place. Today I am launching my new website Prime Mods alongside the release of my newest pack Prime’s HDContinue reading “Brand New Website!”