Bring your Minecraft to life…

The Environment+ add-on to Prime’s HD Textures improves various aspects of your Minecraft world, making your game feel more alive. Almost every type of foliage in the game has been enhanced with detailed models and variations. Environment+ further expands upon your world with custom plants like cattails and custom biomes such as cherry blossom forests.

The Optifine mod will be required for cat tails, connected textures, and custom biomes to work.

Custom Models

Custom Biomes

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How to install…

  1. Download Prime’s HD Textures and Environment+
  2. Put them both in your resource pack folder
  3. Turn on both
  4. Make sure Environment+ is loaded ABOVE Prime’s HD Textures
  5. Enjoy an improved Minecraft world!


(Requires Prime’s HD Textures 0.5+)


Environment+ (No Leaves)