Resource packs

Naturus II

The sequel to the original Naturus. Vanilla-friendly upgrades to Minecraft with a focus on lighting, water, and foliage.

Naturus Classic

The original version of Naturus. Designed to replicate the look of the shaders and better foliage mods, using features such as lightmaps, models, and skyboxes.

Prime’s Item Placement

Coming soon to 1.16…

A resource pack allowing players to place and rotate items and blocks in the environment through the use of item frames and custom models.

Vanilla Lighting Overhaul

Coming soon to 1.16…

A pack containing only the custom lightmaps from Naturus.

Data packs

Prime’s Survival Tweaks

Coming soon to 1.16…

A datapack designed to tweak the survival experience; improving progression, and increasing difficulty.


Project Skies

Coming soon to 1.16…

A survival map inspired by Skyblock consisting of multiple floating islands.