Naturus Classic

The original version of Naturus from 2015, updated to the newest version of Minecraft. Designed to replicate the look of the shaders and better foliage mods, using features such as lightmaps, models, and skyboxes.


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  • Ambient bird chirping sounds
  • Realistic skybox Optifine required
  • Shadows under blocks Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)
  • Warmer sunlight Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)
  • Orange glow to light sources Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)
  • 3D grass on every grass block
  • Blue moonlight Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)
  • Yellow birch leaves
  • Darker water
  • 3D flowers and roots on lilypads
  • Slanted sun/moon
  • Realistic rain
  • Various other subtle texture changes



Download for 1.16

Naturus Classic

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