SMP Server

PrimeMods SMP

Survival Multiplayer with a few twists

PrimeMods SMP is a public survival multiplayer server for Java Minecraft. However, unlike other servers, PrimeMods SMP utilizes datapacks to customize the Minecraft survival experience through custom items, crafting recipes, and much more!

Server Guide

  1. Keep it PG-13. No profanity, racism, sexism or homophobia. Be nice.
  2. Do not take advantage of any bugs/exploits that would allow you to kill another player or grief their claims.
  3. Do not use any “hacky” mods, like x-ray, or anything that gives you a pvp advantage. Purely visual mods like Optifine, minimaps, HUD changes, etc. are fine.
  4. All mob farms must be auto-kill, must have an “off” switch, and must be left off when you are offline.

The ender dragon drops an elytra, a dragon egg, shulker shells, a dragon head, and dragon scales every time it is defeated.

The wither drops withered souls every time it is defeated.

Phantoms are disabled. Phantom membranes now drop from ghasts.

You are able to claim land to prevent griefing. You start out with 100 claim blocks, and recieve 100 more for every hour you spend on the server (max of 5,000). You can only make claims in the overworld. Click here for more information on land claming.

Pigstep and gilded blackstone can be rarely obtained from piglin trades.

When you die, your items are placed in a protected grave for 5 minutes. If you were killed by another player, you will also drop your head.

The Vanilla Tweaks datapack “Wandering Trades” is included. Wandering traders will sell mini-blocks.

The server has a large 20,000 blocks by 20,000 blocks overworld, nether, and end. Because of how the nether works, portals in the nether can only be built up to 1,250 blocks out, to prevent users from teleporting beyond the world border and dying.

Crafting Recipes
Bone Handle
Leather Armor (Any combination of materials)
Turtle Helmet
Chainmail Armor
Gold Armor
Enchanting Table
Aquamarine Tools
Aquamarine Armor
Dragonscale Armor Plate
Dragonscale Armor
Heart of the Sea
Furnace (Nether Alternative)
Stone Tools
Iron Tools
Gold Armor
Platemail Armor
Aquamarine Shard
Aquamarine Armor Plate
Spectre Ingot
Spectre Tools
Stone Pickaxe (Nether Alternative)